Perfect for business events! Its proffesional yet vibrant. Great experience, tradition, and an up-to-date facilities combine to enable your event unfold in the best possible way.
  We invite you to be one of the privileged few to organize an event in the place that is the home of many nations. It is the hotspot of Vojvodina's beauty!
Are you looking for ways to maximize the features of your event and how to minimize costs?   Welcome to Subotica!    



With its unique blend, Subotica represents what's best about all nations that live in it. Being placed at a meeting point  of various European cultures, city is now home for many institutions representing the unique habit and sense of different nations. You can feel multicultural spirit at every city corner. Enjoy all the aspects of this beautiful mix, weather the architecture, food, music or all of them. City Museum and Modern Art Gallery are the places that shouldn’t be missed, as well as the City Library and Gymnasium. In addition to the National Theatre, which is renovated at the moment, there are also important institutions like children theater Deze Kostolanji and Lifka ArtCinema.
City Museum
Address: Trg Sinagoge 3, 24000 Subotica
T: +381 (0) 24-555-128

Contact person: Svetislav Milanković


Modern Art Gallery

Address: Park ferenca Rajhla 5, 24000 Subotica

T: +381 (0) 24 553 725


City Libary

Address: Cara Dušana 2, 24000 Subotica 

T: +381 (0) 24 553 115

People`s Theatre
T: + 381 (0) 24 554 700
Address: Park Rajlha Ferenca 12/a 24000 Subotica
Children`s Theater
Address: Park Rajlha Ferenca 12/a 24000 Subotica
T: + 381 (0) 24 555 715
Kosztolányi Dezső Theater
Address: Harambašićeva 4 24000 Subotica
T: + 381 (0) 24 557 471